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08 / 19 / 2013

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Domestically you only have to see from the recent Champions League campaign in 2012-13 that German football is at an all-time high, they have some fantastic talent and the quality of football that they play at a domestic level even has plenty of football punters emphatically asserting that German football is the best in Europe. Oppositions would be crazy to write of Germany in any tournament or football match of any sort. They have gone into past World Cups with weaker teams than they current possess, but have impressed highly and this begs the question, now with German football being at a great height what can we expect from them? Many people have them as favourites and having them as the favourites is more than reasonable given their current form. View our guide to World Cup betting here.

Latest odds on Germany at World Cup 2014

Germany have won the World Cup 3 times, although admittedly the last time they won it was quite some time ago back in 1990. But they have impressed in many of the World Cups after that date. One criticism that often face Germany must be noted, which is that they have the tendency to choke when it matters, particularly in the latter stages of major tournaments and this is something that they hope to now eradicate with a new squad of pure talent. The current facts speak for themselves, Germany are currently ranked second in the FIFA rankings only just behind Spain and therefore it would appear that because of this, Germany certainly have a shot at the World Cup particularly if they live up to their expectations and reach the final. In regards to Germany’s squad, they not only have a sensible and strong defence with players such as Mertesacker, Boateng and Lahm just to name a few, they also have a strong midfield but also collectively, Germany have developed into a team that can attack any opposition and can easily score a few goals in quick concession. You just have to look at their midfield, with fluent and reliable players such as Ozil in conjunction with the attacking force of Podolski and Gomez. Germany therefore, do not only have a great squad they also have a great team balance and all their major players have had a fantastic domestic season, so certainly they are one of the major favourites for the World Cup.