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08 / 19 / 2013

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For major tournaments managers want a reliable and a solid team and you cannot be more reliable and solid than Italy. Year after year they produce some great players; they play each match with great passion and always have and develop a few clever tactics to overcome their opposition. Within Europe Italy, perhaps behind Spain are, with no questions asked the most consistent team who always produce a well-rounded football match. Also for any major tournament, whether it is in Europe or internationally such as a World Cup, Italy always turns up and that is true literally. They have won the World Cup 4 times, the latest time being in 2006. For some, history speaks for itself which creates the situation that essentially, many people will not be in the slightest bit surprised if Italy goes on to dominate the World Cup and may even perhaps win. Click here to start placing your World Cup bets.

Best bets for Italy at World Cup 2014

The concern for Italy though is that they like to keep control of any game, but when they play against a full-on attacking team they appear to lack the pace to deal with such tactics. Nonetheless, it is rare that Italy concedes a considerable amount of control in many football matches and this is perhaps why they are so successful. In regards to the current FIFA rankings, Italy are 8th and this is perhaps lower than many people would have thought but this should not give satisfaction to the doubters, regardless of their ranking they have the ability and potential to do considerably well in any major tournament. In terms of squad strength they have a player who on his day can be a massive game changer, being Balotelli and they have Pirlo who is simply a magician and controls the midfield, but also in goal they have a goalkeeper who has for a long time been regarded as simply one of the best ever keepers who is Buffon. Overall, Italy are a very strong team, both mentally and physically and they can drive forward and easily win low scoring games as they play sensibly and can keep possession and close down opposition attacks. Overall therefore, Italy has the players, the skills and tactics to ensure that they can go all the way in the World Cup.