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08 / 19 / 2013

Brazil are the new favourites for the View more

Neymar Golden boot odds

Neymar has often touched success under the radar in the last few years, he has a fantastic future ahead of him and he possesses bags of talent and because of this, collectively he is a real contender for the Golden Boot competition. For the years to come big things are expected for Neymar, he has recently signed a contract with Barcelona which only goes to show the amount of faith the world’s best domestic team has in him, he unquestionably is going to take the world by storm by playing with a bunch of quality players.

World Cup Golden boot betting – is Neymar the best bet for Brazil?

You just have to look at Brazil’s form in 2013 to see how much they rely on Neymar. In the 2013 Confederations Cup he impressed from the outset and went on to score some outstanding goals in the tournament. The positive thing for Neymar and perhaps even Brazil is that he is not a player who is actually reliant on other players, Neymar is an out-and-out playmaker. When Neymar gets the ball he can produce magic, literally. He does not only have great intelligence and can get in some great goal scoring positions, all you have to do is pass the ball to Neymar and he has the potential to run at midfielders and defenders and go all the way and score. He has the mentality which any confident striker has, he sees the ball and does something with it, he makes the most of any opportunity that he comes across and plays his football without fear. Neymar is the new Brazil superstar; you only have to listen to the home crowd when he has got the ball to see how much they love him. As a result of this, you can only imagine that Neymar is going to thrive on this attention, he is a future football superstar and one day could perhaps be classified as the world’s best football player and what better place to demonstrate his talent than in the World Cup. Neymar is certainly, no questions about it, going to be one of the real favourites to win this Golden Boot competition, particularly in his home country.