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08 / 19 / 2013

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Suarez Golden boot odds

Suarez is a football player who is always in the media attention, people either love him or dislike him, but whatever people’s opinions are of him, he is an excellent footballer and one of the best strikers in the world. Liverpool did not have a great season just gone, however Suarez did and he somehow managed to score many goals making him one of the highest Premier League goal scorers. In addition to his impressive overall record, in many games during the past few seasons it appeared to be just him on his own against the opposition, particularly when Liverpool were not playing well as a team collectively. He has the ability to just produce magic moments as well as being able to control games individually, he is not reliant on having a lot of support and service provided to him as many other top strikers are, this is perhaps why Suarez is unique and a real contender when it comes to the Golden Boot competition. More impressively however, Suarez appears to not have reached his peak as of yet, he has a lot to offer and would be a fantastic addition to any team and because of this, he may still produce his best period of football during the World Cup as he is still developing and will be as hungry as ever for goals.

Can Luis Suarez be the World Cup Golden boot?

Uruguay are also a big underdog during the World Cup, they have a great bunch of players and a strong mid-field which undoubtedly makes Suarez an even greater threat. If Suarez gets good delivery from the midfield, he will take every goal scoring chance near enough. It is a rare sight to see Suarez in bad form, yes by all means he has a few bad matches in a patch, but he comes back stronger than ever, he can not only create chances but individually, he is a goal scoring machine. Uruguay rely on Suarez a lot, just as Liverpool does, but Suarez will undoubtedly love this pressure, because of such a reliance this may bring the best out of Suarez for the World Cup and with his goal scoring record, it would not be a surprise to see him top the Golden Boot competition.